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Are you ready for a color change? Whether you want one room or the entire house painted, we offer interior and exterior painting services to meet your needs. For all of our painting jobs, we use quality paints, and we always pay special attention to detail.

Skarlatos Painting is your one source for all your painting needs - interior or exterior, commercial, industrial or residential. We believe our customers appreciate the Skarlatos Painting difference and invite you to discover it for yourself. From accurate estimating to timely scheduling, from helping you to select paint colors to our detailed painting process and follow up, we deliver a painting experience like no one else in the business. From start to finish, Skarlatos Painting delivers on our process - and promise - of Certainty.

If you suspect there is a mold problem on your property, George Skarlatos painting services can fix the issue. Our service is swift, which means a problem of any size can be contained in a relatively short period of time. With a team of highly trained specialists, we employ sophisticated mold remediation techniques to make your property a safe place for everyone.

While there are several ways in which mold and other deposits may be removed, we have our own operating procedure that we adhere to strictly. We ensure that every bit is removed without any damage occurring to your surfaces.

Mold and Deposit Removal

Your property is always susceptible to mold build-up as long as there is a water source. Even a roof or a plumbing leak can cause it to be infested with mold and deposits. Mold can spread within a space over a short span of time, which may be just 2 to 3 days. Molds producing allergens and irritants may cause harm to your health.

Lead Removal

Lead is hazardous for your health and for anyone who is near it. When your paint is worn out and it appears to be a mass of lead deposits, it must be handled carefully. We manage this task carefully in order to avoid any health risks.

If your property was built before 1978, then it is likely to contain lead-based paint. If testing proves the presence of lead, then you need to seriously consider lead paint remediation. This is because lead will not stay glued to your walls, and after some wear and tear it will release harmful lead and lead dust, thereby, causing lead poisoning in both adults and children. If a residential, commercial or industrial property contains lead paint, hire our services immediately to ensure a comprehensive lead removal procedure.

We follow a sophisticated approach for lead removal because this process requires multiple steps to ensure the safe and complete removal of this hazardous element. We offer the perfect package entailing removal of all the materials containing lead and sealing affected surfaces with non-lead materials. When you hire our services, your property will become a safer place.

Through power washing, you can get rid of sediment, debris, built-up dirt and other unwanted things in order to make your structures more beautiful. An added advantage with our service is that you can reduce the chances of wear and tear as our services will rid your space of insects, mold, algae, weeds and other harmful living organisms. Removing such build-ups is important as it may cause damage to your property in the long-run.

You can avoid the usual lengthy and difficult processes of power washing by simply hiring our services. You need to be aware that power washing without any prior experience may possibly cause paint to be removed, screens to be shredded and have seals broken. We bring in our experts equipped with special machinery and other necessary equipment. With this, we aim to protect your space and give it the best possible look. We take pride in being the most diversified power washing service in town, offering a wide range of washing services.

Pressure Wash

Nothing beats a pressure wash that gets rid of all kinds of deposits and adhesive substances you might have dropped or splashed on your surfaces. The types of hoses we use for this purpose are specific so that we have a minimum power required to undo any stubborn substances. You may scrape away a lot of the unwanted layers or lining on your surfaces, but our approach is tried and tested, and we have enjoyed success with it for years.

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